Are you dealing with an application where the position measurement, speed and the direction of rotation require the safety compliances?

ASF/AFM60 PRO is an absolute encoder used for the functional safety. It has met strict testing criteria, having been certified even with the SIL3/PL. The absolute encoder supports the safety functions in compliance with the IEC 61800-5-2 regulation, being particularly rewarding for its positioning safety.

Thanks to its high protection rate as well as its broad range of  operating temperature, AFS/AFM60S PRO can be used in harsh environmental conditions. Because of its SSI and Sin/Cos interface, it can be easily added in several control devices. The ST/MT resolution, its counting direction and other parameters can be customised. The integrated error memory detects important environmental data, which could be useful for installing and maintenance.

Don’t worry, now you have the new AFS/AFM60S PRO encoder family that assures you the following features:

  • Steering wheel control on AGV, AGC and industrial vehicles
  • Safe position monitoring in wind turbines, presses, bending machines and overhead cranes.
  • A reliable series
  • Certified up to SIL3/PLe
  • IP 65 protection rate
  • Operating temperature ranging from -30°C to +95°C.


  • Best possible protection for people, machines and plants ensured by a certified safety product.
  • Easy control of the safety functions with the complete SICK  offers: safety positioning with AFS/AFM60S PRO and the Motion Control FX3-MOC1 module of the Felxi Soft safety control unit.
  • Mechanical reliability through traction and connections
  • Safety status in compliance with the testing terms of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the German Accident Insurance (IFA).
  • Maximum flexibility and simple implementation due to several configuration and connection possibilities.
  • Suitable for applications in narrow installation areas.

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