The photocell that makes everything easier

W43 will be replaced by W4F Next Generation

SICK offers the new W4F, highlighting 3 different enhancements:

• First of all, its optical and mechanical reliability: with its great performances, durable materials and small size, this series will make simple all the applications that until now seemed difficult to fully control. Thanks to the high reliability of this new V-shaped multi-zone double-blade optics, with LASER-type, multi-threshold, dual LED made from decades of experience in the field, we will detect any object using the classic digital output. All this in a very sturdy VISTAL® case.

• Make the difficult simple. Installation, adjustment, maintenance: everything becomes simple thanks to the BluePilot and the new “all in one” button and potentiometer for the fastest setting ever. No need for long manuals and displays with incomprehensible menus anymore.

• The key to introduce the potential of IO Link in daily life: we make the customers discover how many apparently complex applications can be simplified by measuring the heights and carrying out a first quality check of the surfaces of the objects!

To keep in mind

The announcement of the phase out shall arrive before October

The phase-out activity is starting in October 2021 and is ending

in November 2022 with the last order

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