Label Checker quality control systems

Complex label inspection with high performance optical character recognition (OCR)

Label Checker is a label quality control system, a machine designed with OCR technology (optical character recognition), with multifunctional and specific purposes of printing labels. Its mechanism is practical and compact, multifunctional at the same time. Thanks to its advanced tools, Label Checker reviews both printed texts, barcodes and two-dimensional codes (2D), the correct position of labels and pictograms, the printing quality according to the various labelling needs. Other specific features of the Label Checker are providing image filters, segmenting overlapping characters and calibrating the images. These operations guarantee a reliable performance even for different packaging uses. Therefore Label Checker guarantees high productivity standards, thanks to multiple checks at the same time and to the excellent quality of the results.

In short

• Optical character recognition (OCR), 1D and 2D codes: reading, detection, validation, control

• Additional checks: model comparison, edge distance measurement, pixel counter, blob checker, shape recognition, print quality check

• Easy teach-in writings defined by the customer

• Flexible assembly through C Mount lenses, with integrated lighting

• Web user interface


  • All-in-one system
  • Multifunctionality through combination of different label controls
  • High reliability thanks to deep-learning based algorithm
  • Better inspection on uneven surfaces thanks to the real-time correction of the image errors (rectification)
  • The web user interface allows an easy configuration and parametrization
  • Suitable for all applications, thanks to the flexible optical design and the powerful illumination
  • Hard case suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • Easy browsing through software and functions

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