When speaking of food & beverage industry most of the products used must accomplished with mandatory quality standards. Promotech , who is actually serving many clients in this sector , is analysing the market to help you sort out which products are more suitable for this industrial sector.

Firstly we need to find out which are the needs for the clients in food and beverage industry.

The F&B sector is one of the most important in the market. Food must be quality-made, affordable, rapidly-made and available in huge quantities.

Considering these qualities while speaking of industrial production of food we should define the constant quality of the final product, hygiene and efficiency of the machineries as extremely important. From beverage to dairy products, from pastry products to bakery or butchery products or frozen food products, to obtain a correct production all of them need high quality automation technology.

So, which are the most suitable products for F&B sector?

Promotech among a large selection of brands can suggest you:

  • deTec IP69K / deTem IP69K SICK

We agree that while producing and processing food quality and safety come first. Producing non-edible or spoiled food products means economic loss and a real damage in the company’s reliability. For this reason hygiene processes of cleaning and packaging besides a safe machine design are so important in the food and beverage industry.

deTec IP69K e deTem IP69K: with deTec safety barriers and multibeam photoelectric safety barriers deTem, safety and access of all dangerous spots of the machine has never been so easy.

What does IP69K means?

IP69K means maximum protection of the load cell to prevent damages caused by dust (IP6_K) and water , even if subject to high pressure cleaning or steam (IP_9K) .

Several protection certifications available apart for IP69K: IP65, IP67 and ATEX (intended for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres).

 PROs of deTec IP69K / deTem IP69K SICK SPA

Improving productivity and reducing machine downtime thanks to innovative diagnostics options-

Safety and automation: IO-Link guarantees to design installations economically profitable. Muting maximises productivity while granting top safety identifying correctly people and materials and intelligent protection against undesired stops.

Easy plug- and- play : configuration doesn’t require a software which means saving time and money. You can activate the necessary functions without any software but just the use of a normal M12 system.

New generation of deTec photoelectric safety barriers is particularly recommended to secure dangerous areas or risky accesses. NFC and IO-Link are modern technologies which intelligence offers new possibilities for complete diagnostics, rapid installations and implementing automatic functions.  Standardized linking technology and the accessories available for the whole family of deTec products reduces the number of variants.


  • NFC Diagnostic and app for your smartphone
  • IO-Link Diagnostic and automation with 2-signal Muting
  • Intelligent protection of the access
  • Variable width of the protected area
  • Configuration without software
  • Reduced resolution with 1 or 2 rays
  • Multiple certification IP65, IP67 , IP69K and ATEX


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