The European Parliament has approved the right to repair: it will become law.

In the countries of the European Union, manufacturers of electronic devices will be required to specify the repairability index and the estimated life of their devices already at the time of purchase, by applying an appropriate label.

All too often it is preferred to permanently get rid of an electronic device rather than try to repair it. Thus, the old devices dangerously are piling up on the huge mountain of WEEE waste that is constantly growing every year and consumers, also thanks to the attitude shared by many producers, prefer to buy a new device: Right to repair in Europe from 2021, to reduce electronic waste.

Today the European Parliament voted in favour of approving a new regulation that will impose a series of obligations on manufacturers of electronic devices.

The most important fulfilment is certainly the use of a label that manufacturers will have to display on all devices placed on the market: this labelling will report the “repairability score” of a product, specifying what hardware problems users can solve on their own or by contacting specialised centres.

The label must also clarify the estimated life of the device at the time of purchase by the final consumer. A measure that according to the legislator should put an end to the habit of some manufacturers who use planned obsolescence to establish an “artificial expiration date” of their equipment, not motivated by any actual wear of the hardware components.

With today’s resolution, the European Union made a landmark decision and sets a milestone that will certainly be remembered in the coming years.

It is in fact a strong stance that also aims to change the attitude of end users, who are sometimes overly inclined to set aside electronic devices that might still work

79% of the European citizens interviewed in a survey said they were in favour of the introduction of the right to repair, believing that manufacturers should be legally obliged to facilitate the repair of devices or, in any case, the replacement of individual parts.

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